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Essix Retainers

Cost: $85

Details about this service: Essix retainers are unique in their low-profile appearance. They’re constructed entirely of transparent plastic with no metal wires.

Service Includes: This service includes design and fabrication of Essix retainer.


per jaw

Digital Lingual Retainer Design

Cost: $74 per jaw

Details about this service: This service includes the digital design of a Fix Lingual Retainer.

Service Includes: The design of the fixed lingual retainer.

Service Does Not Include: The fixed lingual retainer, its transfer tray, or any extensive model 'clean up' or fixing.


per jaw

Fixed Lingual Retainers Complete Package

Cost: $148 per jaw

Details about this service:

This fixed lingual retainer is intended to be used at the end of an orthodontic treatment. It is 3D-printed in biocompatible orthodontic resin and is installed in the same fashion as a wire, using a transfer tray (included). The design of the retainer and an interactive 3D model will be sent for review and approval before manufacturing begins.

Service Includes: The service will include the design, transfer trays, printed model and fabrication of the fixed retainer.

Service Does Not Include: Extensive model 'clean up' or fixing.

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