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About Us is all about EFFICIENCY!

  • Order all digital dental products from a single interface.

  • Place orders, any time of any day.

  • Order is prioritized and distributed to available lab technician.

  • Track the order as it is processed and completed via the clinical backend.

  • All case data, and prepare plans are stored in the cloud, accessible from anywhere. 

  • Plans are completed within 3-5 business days with options for expedited turnaround.

  • Learn more about turnaround times

  • Order exactly what you need. Get help with the full case, or just the digital plan, or just the manufacturing. continues to be a proven leader in advanced manufacturing dentistry solutions.


Labpronto video intro

What is LabPronto?

LabPronto is your magic powerhouse button to get your lab work done with a click.

LabPronto is having a network of top tier labs at your beck and call just waiting to complete your order.


How does LabPronto work?

LabPronto offers a variety of digital and physical lab products that can be ordered with click.

  1. The dentist places the order.

  2. The order is prioritized to a specialized lab that is available and has the specialized knowledge and experience to handle the order and return a top quality product quickly at a good price.

  3. The order is completed in a timely manner and returned to the dentist.

How can I place an order?

LabPronto orders can be placed via or by pressing the LabPronto button in the top left corner in the Blue Sky Plan software. 


What can I order via LabPronto?

LabPronto is currently offering:

How Long Will it Take To Complete My order?

Most orders are completed within 3-5 business days. Options exist for expedited turnaround times.

Learn More.

Where Can I Learn More?

The Blue Sky Bio Facebook User Group is the best place to ask questions and to  stay up to date with the latest Blue Sky Bio innovations.

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