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NEW Service Fixed Lingual Retainer Now Available on!

This service includes the design and fabrication of a lingual retainer

The Process:

  1. The 3D scan is uploaded by the dentist.

  2. LabPronto prepares the patient Treatment Plan Suggestion (TMPS).

  3. The dentist reviews and approves the TMPS.

  4. If the doctor has any comments or feedback the TMPS is updated accordingly.

  5. Production starts.

  6. Manufactured part is sent to the dentist.


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Owandy CBCT

Imax 3D CBCT from Owandy Radiology

  • Multiple fields of view: from 12x10 down to 5x5 cm. 4 FOV’s to choose from: 12x10 ; 9x9 ; 9x5 and 5x5 cm

  • 16 programs in 3D and 24 programs in 2D mode

  • Voxel resolution :87 microns

  • Endomode: 5x5 cm

  • 2D digital panoramic imaging

  • Wall-mounted compact unit

  • Face-to-face positioning

  • Scan of models/impressions

  • Import and export of STL files

  • 5 year warranty on 3D flat panel and x-ray generator




Questions or need help with

1-312-344-3950 (local in USA)

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