New Pricing for Complete Aligner Packages

Updated: May 6

Digital Tooth Setup and Aligner Manufacturing Included!

The Complete Aligner Packages include:

  • Modification Request to Proposed Digital Plan

  • One Midcourse Refinement

  • Alignment Simulation Video explaining Digital Ortho Setup

  • Incremental Shipping of Aligners Over Time

LabPronto will wait for clinical approval of Digital Tooth Setup before manufacturing aligners.

When order is placed an initial fee of $499 will be charged. Once the digital tooth setup has been completed and has approved by the dentist, the price will be updated based on the number of aligners (when relevant).

*Clinical video and midcourse refinement are included in the pricing for packages of more than 24 aligners.

*Currently available in the United States only.


Questions or need help with

1-312-344-3950 (local in USA)

Learn more about the services and pricing here. We are continuously adding more services to LabPronto. Stay tuned for more updates in 2021.

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