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From $499 - Complete Aligner Package! Includes Digital Planning and Aligner Manufacturing!

Updated: Nov 21, 2023


Digital Treatment Plan and Aligner Manufacturing at Unbeatable Prices!

Dependable Quality at Discount Prices

Complete Clear Aligner Package



Details about this service: This service include the preparation of the Digital Treatment Plan and the manufacturing of All Aligners. After approving the digital plan, the correct charge will be added based on the number of aligners:​

  • Up to 24 Total Aligners - $499 (Midcourse Refinement for just $99)

  • Up to 80 Total Aligners - $799 (One Midcourse Refinement Included)

  • Unlimited Aligners - $999 (One Midcourse Refinement Included)

This service includes loading the patient’s models, segmenting teeth and preparing final tooth positions. Models will be labeled with patient’s name and model number. A platform base will be added for vertical printing.

This service also includes the export of the models from the Blue Sky Plan software, the printing of the models and the creation of the aligners from the models. Service Includes: Aligners and case replan can be supplied within a two year period of the initial order.


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